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FLOU. Random Shots. Flou pictures were taken with a Digital Tiny Pink Purse Cam.

I’ve always found a mysterious edge in flou pictures. ​The Flou series was shot like most photos except for the war toy project, spontaneously. It represents the everyday life of people from different sociocultural backgrounds and nationalities. Most photos were shot with a small digital camera, I keep in my purse. Some of the people featuring I know and others I’ve only met through the lenses’ eye. I’m interested by the spontaneity reflected in the natural environment of the everyday life of people.No effects, no retouching done.  Most pictures went through basic color balancing.

random shots1

Digital Prints (for the nostalgic souls living outside their mother land)..


45′ east | Shakespearean thoughts in Iraq

artworks 012/013

                                                                                         SAY NO TO WAR

45′ east is an under process project, in its pre-exhibition and pre book release stage –

highlighting the violent aspect of war vs the innocence of love. 

Kiki Bokassa-Long 42.0 x Large 59.4 5mm DThe photographic toy story features a dark setting where bellicose horses meet cartridge-tanks to the rhythm of the acts of a melodramatic movie production and Shakespearian words.  Ben, a soldier from the last legion falls in love with Yasmeen, an Iraqi woman physically and emotionally wounded by war. Ben’s blinded love draws the jealousy of fellow soldier Kate, while Yasmeen struggles to preserve her culture from Western invasion. One festive day, as the Oud of Alaa plays Iraqi folk songs and the movements of Bilal the Sufi whirling dervish enchant the presents, Yasmeen dies in a strike. Few survive a war linked to a controversial love story; therefore, protagonists die instantly, whilst Alaa devotion to Oud remains, and the dervish whirls his heart out.

Act I: Ben goes to War/ Act II: Ben meets Yasmeen/ Act III: Ben falls in love/ Act IV: The festive day/ Act V: Casualties of Love & War.

MNOHRA_201201_0779Characters: Yasmeen, Main Character/ Ben, Soldier- 2nd Main Character/ Kate, Soldier/ Bilal, Whirling Dervish/ Alaa, Oud Player/ US Convoy and other US soldiers. The collection is made of photo images divided by the episodic themes above. The story is purely imaginary except for the love quotes included in the future publication, that are compiled from multiple Shakespear plays. There is a possibility of expanding this project into other dimensions such as an animated short film.

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