Kids’ Club area (outdoors and indoors) Mövenpick Hotel 


Introduce to children with the intermediary of 2 Lebanese aka Phoenician characters the cultural/traditional aspect of countries from all continents by highlighting the people’s traditional dress issue, the wonders of this country, etc including few dialogs addressed in a simple way every now and then between the main characters and others in different languages such as greetings etc

  1. 1 outside front wall where the area of the painting is already determined (artwork might be produced on a board instead of directly on the wall due to the surface’s height)
  2. steps of the outdoor entrance
  3.  4 inside walls of which 3 are situated at the entrance hall of the kids play area (1 will be outlined only and colored by children participants)

1 large wall inside the playroom designed by 2/3 illustrations related to the theme’s storyboard produced on wooden boards

  1. 9 pillars inside the playroom designed by 1 illustration on each pillar, related to the theme’s storyboard produced on wooden boards
  2. Wooden doors from the outside (around 120) used to separate each activity section will be repainted by a painter worker and illustrated by us
  3. 1 wooden wall on which we will paint on 1 side (recto) displayed inside the playroom

Painting Material:  Acrylic / water based colors (premium quality), thin and thick painting brushes and a few “rouleau” used to paint the walls will be chosen by both artists executors and provided by Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Beirut.

Project’s duration: 14 working days, starting 4th until 19th of June 2009

Working hours:   9 am-7pm

The creative team: 2professional artists, 1 painter assistant as well as 25 children living in 5 different foster homes, especially talented children who would benefit from art as a form of therapy.

This project has been conceptualized by Kiki Bokassa, execution in collaboration with Racelle Izhak.

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