Random Oils

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A few of the solo/collective exhibitions took place at: San Francisco USA Sapore Cafe Gallery 2001 < Manama Bahrain House Gallery 2007< Illusion Gallery Koweit 2007< Dubai XVA Gallery 2004.Kunstlijn Haarlem Northern Holland 2011

“Dieci” is a collection of 10 mixed media paintings, made with oil paint and graffiti spray cans. Some portions in most of the artwork are shrouded with fabric veils.

These fabric veil patterns are inspired by tablecloth that people used to display on coffee tables. They remind Kiki Bokassa of her childhood memories and of traditions. The fabric used for this collection is found in the souks of Tripoli, a city in the North of Lebanon.

“Dieci” is in a way an alliance between modern expressionism and traditional patterns that are in symbiosis. It is a form of figurative abstract. Opening May 18, 2011. Piece Unique Gallery – Saifi Village – Beirut

Arab spring revolution inspired painting 2011-Dieci expo-edDieci press releases: MBC Interview- June 6, 2011

 Iloubnan (English Version) – May 16, 2011 http://iloubnan.info/en/actualite/id/61649/titre/%22Dieci%22,-a-new-exhibition-by-Kiki-Bokassa-in-Beirut

Al Arabiya Report – May 25, 2011 http://www.alarabiya.net/programs/2011/05/25/150497.html

Annahar Article – June 9, 2011 http://www.annahar.com/content.php?priority=17&table=ashabab&type=ashabab&day=Thu

 Alzheimer – July 10th 2008 > July 19th 2008

“Alzheimer is a vibrant illness that pierces the daily mildness, and engulfs the person in a wrenching frenzy. There, the imagination merges with a past that reflects an illusion. Sometimes a gleaming mental violence, sometimes a lethargic sagging, Alzheimer wags, raves and misguides the common sense. It is an eccentric endeavor that fulfills grand crazes.”  Kiki Bokassa

Alzheimer by Kiki Bokassa is a collection of 27 paintings made with watercolors and ink. These artworks were inspired by artist Wassily Kadinsky who painted music in the early 20th century, and Jackson Pollock who Bokassa considers to be a leader of the abstract expressionism movement. In her bursting artworks, the ink drops and encircles what has become the background. It dries, delimits the painting, and imposes its own movement. It splashes and stands out because of its intensity. The ink drips, flows all over the painting in a sub-movement that disperses the colors in geometric shapes. Alzheimer came as a tribute to Bokassa’s grand-mother Rosy who has been living with Alzheimer. Art Circle Gallery-Hamra Beirut Lebanon.

La Femme, la faune et la flore~174 Spears Street, Sanayeh // Beirut – Lebanon 27May – 3June 2003

Bangui en attendant la pluie. Artwork 1 title,oil on canvas,2003. A catalogue was released on this date incl.the complete collection along with Curtis Brown, Daily Star and San Francisco chronicle correspondent.

zicooutjibran zico

haarlem2Bahrain exhibition 2007 with curator Shatha Al Jalahmagallery

                                                                                                                                                                   The Gallery MonotSt.Beirut-OilPaintings (10)

                                                                                                                                                                               2004/Sponsored by Moet & Chandon.

International Women’s day

International Women’s Day is taking place this Saturday on the 10th of March 2007 @ Art Lounge Beirut starting 8 PM.

We would like to consider this day as an initiative to bridge between various women’s organizations, projects, and individuals to explore possibilities of networking and supporting each other.

Press releases ” Intl Women’s Day’ an nahar 12-3-2007 / al akhbar  8-3-2007

Bahrain exhibition 2007 with curator Shatha Al JalahmaBahrain-Manama solo exhibition 2007 (curated by Shatha al Jalahma) 

Figure it out – October 15th 2009 > November 5th 2009

Figure it out is a selection of figurative work by five emerging and established Lebanese artists: Kiki Bokassa, Mansour el Habre, Mona Jabbour, Charles Khoury and Raouf Rifai. The representational work incites the viewer to discover for himself the identities of the figures throughout the canvases. From birds and funny faces, to dervishes and Phoenician figurines, figures amusingly haunted the space.

CONTINUUM 17-21 February 2009, 10am-9pm
Opening reception: 17 February 2009, 6-9pm.
Unesco Palace, Beirut

CONTINUUM is an exhibition conceived as a tribute to the life and work of Mai Ghoussoub (1952-2007), writer, sculptor, performance artist, activist and co-founder of Saqi Books, who passed away on the 17th of February 2007 in London. The exhibition gathers her complete sculptural work, shown for the first time in Lebanon, presented together with a selection of her writings.  Under the auspices of the Minister of Culture, Mr. Tammam Salam Closing : 21 Feb 09.

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