The House of Frida exhibition

We, VAPA (The Visual and Performing Arts Association) inaugurated “The House of Frida” art exhibition on Friday October 22, 2010 at Ground 68, the spot we used for experimental ventures in Beirut.

“The exhibition curated with the collaboration of Samar Hawa (a key person in this event) and executed with the help of a team composed of organized and talented staff members, volunteers and members of the community.Tickets sold to tour the exhibition and discover the story behind each artwork, helped cover the production fees. In Lebanon we still struggle to find sponsorships for artistic or cultural events”.

 A crowd of art lovers participated in the event that pays tribute to one of the most influential activists of the 20th century, Mexican painter and revolutionist, Frida Kahlo.

 The House of Frida was an exceptional and unique endeavor in the Middle East region hosting artworks inspired by the life and art of Kahlo, produced by local and international artists as well as film screenings, art discussions and an attempt to reproduce Kahlo’s personal space.

“I choose to pay a tribute to Frida in particular for the simple reason that she was a revolutionist in her time and a popular revolution is what we miss. Within all the social political turmoil taking place in Beirut since ages, I found Frida to be the ideal image of the person I thought could have made a change in the Lebanese society including a change on women’s rights and social rights. We miss such figures in our contemporary Middle East”.

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