Kiki Bokassa is an autodidact conceptual artist,most renowned for her work in the figurative art genre. Her showpiece is tailored to distinctive environments, in a constant effort to highlight the conditions of less fortunate actors in society.

Born in Paris in 1975, Kiki moved to Beirut during her childhood where she grew up in the midst of the civil war. Since her first thematic exhibition in the late 1990’s, her paintings became part of private collections in the Middle East, Europe and the USA.

Bokassa is also a writer and an active member in society who is directly involved in various humanitarian causes to which she devotes much of her time. On the other hand she is the acting president and co-founder of VAPA (Visual & Performing Arts Association), whose main mission is to promote the use of art for positive social change.  Not to mention that the Beiruti cultural space previously called “Roof 68″ known for its multidisciplinary art workshops and exhibitions such as “The House of Frida”, was also one of Kiki’s main occupations for the past two years.

In April 2009, Kiki presented an event entitled ‘72 hrs’ in Beirut, an immersive art marathon in which she painted during 72 hours non-stop for art as a peaceful form of expression in self-imposed incarceration. Although the daunting task made her reach the limit of what is humanly possible, she persisted in achieving her objective, and ‘72 hrs’ went on to become a truly universal and inspirational artistic happening that got the attention of more than 30 international media outlets and was diffused in several countries.

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