‘2003’ a visit to remember from rca to zico house



20 copy-ed1                    ” bangui en attendant la pluie”. This was the title of the painting inspired by my first visit to central africa in 1994. The red dust, parrots on the street and tropical rain are all a memorable atmospherical bouquet of a day in bangui. 3 weeks ago I came back from my second trip there,it’s true that 20 years have passed but the atmosphere is still the same and rca is greener than any other country i’ve seen. The drop of water in the painting could represent hope. Hope for a better tomorrow to all the people of the continent. zico house is where the first oil show i held took place,the old house transformed into a gallery space has become through time, one of Lebanon’s cultural landmarks. You can find more about this collection in the past production page.

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